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Three meanings of Apsu (1)

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01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

04 Religious and philosophical literature and poetry

01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

No period specified
Akkadian poetry

Enūma Eliš 1.61-78:
He (Ea) designed and implemented a comprehensive plan. He skilfully prepared it, his outstanding holy spell. He recited it, made it rest on the waters. He poured sleep over him (Apsu) while he was resting peacefully. When he put Apsu to sleep, pouring out slumber, Mummu, the advisor, through lack of sleep was in a stupor. He (Ea) untied his (Apsu’s) bands and then removed his tiara. Then he took his aura and he himself put it on. After he defeated and slew Apsu, he fettered Mummu putting a stop to him. He erected his home on Apsu, grasped Mummu holding his leash. After Ea defeated and vanquished his enemies, had established his victory over his foes, he rested peacefully inside his cella. He named it Apsu, whose shrines he appointed. There he established his bed-chamber. Ea and Damkina, his spouse, dwelt there in splendour.

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Enūma Eliš 1.61-78


Horowitz 1998, 110Horowitz, Wayne. Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography. Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns 1998.

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