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Mesopotamian Labbu myth (1)

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01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

04 Religious and philosophical literature and poetry

Neo-Assyrian Empire
Neo-Assyrian texts

CT 13 34-35 / Rm 282:
The cities sighed, the people [moaned], the people decreased in number [ … ]; for their lamentations there was none [to … ], for their cry there was none [to … ]. Who [brought forth] the serpent? The sea [brought forth] the serpent! Enlil drew a picture of [the serpent] in the sky: its length was fifty leagues, [its height] was one league, its mouth was six cubits, [its tongue] twelve cubits, its ear flaps twelve cubits; at (a distance of) sixty cubits he [can snatch] the birds; in the water nine cubits deep he drags; he raises his tail [ … ].” All the gods of heaven [ … ], the gods knelt before [Sin], and hasti[ly seized] the hem of Sin, “Who will go [to kill] the Labbu? [Who] will save the vast land and exercise kingship [in the land]? Go, Tišpak, ki[ll the Lion-serpent, sa[ve] the vast land [ … ], and exercise kingship [in the land]!” (Tišpak:) You sent me, lord of the offspring of the river, but I do not know [the ways] of the Lion-serpent [ … ]” (gap) … Ea opened his mouth and spoke to [ … ]: “Stir up the clouds (and) [create] a storm; [grasp] the cylinder seal at your throat before his face!” He shot (an arrow) [and killed] the Lion-serpent. For three years, three months, one day and night, the Lion-serpents blood flowed [ … ].

Sources (list of abbreviations)
CT 13 34-35
Rm 282


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Heidel 1951, 141-143Heidel, Alexander. The Babylonian Genesis. The Story of Creation. Chicago: Chicago University Press 1951 (second edition).

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